Multilingualism: Does Knowing Multiple Languages Improve Working Memory?

The executive system of the brain, which employs the frontal lobe and prefrontal cortex. (image credit:
The scene of Kwaku’s commotion: Chinatown, located in the streets of Philadelphia — which, by the way, is objectively the best city in the world. (image credit:
Pictures task, showing (a) non-conflict and (b) conflict conditions. (image credit: Morales et al., 2013)
Examples of some of the AWMA tasks that Cockcroft et al. 2019 used in assessing working memory for young adults (image credit:
Cognitive science is like a big puzzle. To fully understand cognition, we must consider it on multiple levels — each piece individually, how each piece fits with its neighbors, and ultimately how each group of pieces comes together to form the entire puzzle. (image credit:
(image credit:




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Adam Zhang

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